Slightly New Layout And Army Listing

Quick update; we have a new layout for the home page and all game system home pages. The changes are slight and just reorganise existing elements on the site to try and tidy things up and remove the “About” style text away from the game system pages and onto the About page.

The new Army Lists let you easily find all Battle Reports for a specific army via one link without needing to use the search feature.

Firestorm Armada & Dropzone Commander

This is just a quick update. After 6 days off on holiday I have returned and added two new games.

We now have Firestorm Armada and Dropzone Commander. These two games are up and ready to go. I do not have the scenario names for Firestorm Armada, if anyone has these please let me know.

Finally, I do not play either of these games and they have been added due to demand. If you spot mistakes or have suggestions then please do let me know.