New Feature – Text Replacements

This feature is live and ready to use for all users.

Text Replacements aim to speed up report writing by allowing abbreviations to be auto expanded into full phrases when a report is read.

This helps reduce the time it takes to write reports by;

  1. Allowing you to write perhaps two or three characters for a phrase or unit instead of the full name which may be 20 or 30 characters.
  2. It reduces the time spent checking spelling and looking up unit names. If you’ve set up an abbreviation then you can use that and know the spelling is correct.

The abbreviations are only converted when a report is read, this preserves the report’s original text. The actual content of a report is never changed so if you turn Text Replacements off then the original text is displayed rather than the converted text. This keeps things clean for you as an author because your actual content is never converted – it’s only ever changed when it’s displayed for a user. 

This new feature currently works on the following text areas;

  • Background
  • Deployment
  • Turn Text
  • Man of the Match
  • BFU
  • Final Summary
  • Image Captions


There are three types of library for Text Replacements;

  1. User
  2. Game Specific 
  3. Core

The User library is yours. You set up these abbreviations and you can use them as you please. No one else can. The Game Specific ones are set up by Battle Directory admins and are available for reports for that specific game. E.g. Malifaux abbreviations won’t take effect in 40K reports. And finally Core replacements are site wide and can be used regardless of the game. 


Each of the libraries can be turned off or on per report. So if you don’t like (or cannot work with) the Core or Game Specific abbreviations you can simply turn them off and only use your own (or none). Or perhaps your replacements are tailored towards Warmachine but once in a while you also play X-Wing, your Warmachine replacements wouldn’t work (very well) in an X-Wing report – you can simply turn off your replacements so you don’t end up with Warmachine terminology in your X-Wing report. 


We even support pluralisation so you can use one replacement for singular and pluralised phrases. This is best shown with an example. Imagine you have the following replacements set up;

  • HF > Heavy Flamer
  • LR > Land Raider
  • Tac > Tactical Marine
  • Vet > Veteran

And then wrote the following as part of Turn 1, you can use *s after a replacement to pluralise it; 

My LR with HF*s moved quickly up the left flank, accompanied by my Tac*s. They were going to burn my opponents Vet*s.

This would be expanded to the following when the report was read;

My Land Raider with Heavy Flamers moved quickly up the left flank, accompanied by my Tactical Marines. They were going to burn my opponents Veterans.

And that’s it! Simple!


Hello. As The Battle Directory’s audience grows its increasingly important that we cater for a larger and international user base.

So the translation process has begun, if you’re interested in helping out please get in touch.

At present we have started German and Italian but the more helpers and the more languages the better. So if you can help in anyway with any language please do get in touch.

Firestorm Armada & Dropzone Commander

This is just a quick update. After 6 days off on holiday I have returned and added two new games.

We now have Firestorm Armada and Dropzone Commander. These two games are up and ready to go. I do not have the scenario names for Firestorm Armada, if anyone has these please let me know.

Finally, I do not play either of these games and they have been added due to demand. If you spot mistakes or have suggestions then please do let me know.

A Quick Update to Battle Reports

40K Home screen - The Battle Directory
40K Home screen – The Battle Directory

Its been a while since I have managed to code any new updates since the name change. But now we have some changes in bound today.

  • Full mode view – you can view published reports in the full text mode! This mode displays everything and also has a ‘focus’ mode.
  • Previews – you can preview your own reports from the My Battle Reports page in Full mode.
  • Plain text army lists – if you write your own lists as .txt files then these are now supported along with Army Builder and Battle Scribe HTML formats.
  • Avatar image – these will act as your profile image.
  • Set preferred game system –  set your favourite game system in your profile and you will see tailored content for that game system.
  • Cover image – not used yet but will be used as a Facebook style large image on your profile.
  • Deployment image – deployment can now contain an image show casing the set up of the battle field.
  • Moved Man of the Match  and BFU editing buttons – these were always on the right side, these have now moved next to the MotM and BFU sections to they’re clearer and easier to access.
  • Renamed turns – For the Per Team, Per Turn layout the turns are now labelled based on the armies for each team. This is clearer who has the top of turn 6 for example later on in the report.
  • About page – some stuff about The Battle Directory.
  • Contact page – a new method of getting in touch, the feedback tab in the bottom left is also still present when logged in from any page.

I am missing the army lists still from the Full view mode still. Enjoy!