Next Caption

Quick post about a new feature. When you come to save a caption for an image you can Save and Move to Next. This will save the caption and then automatically open the next image caption ready for editing. 

This saves you having to open each image to add or edit a caption.  I want to improve the speed of the site, to help users write reports faster. It can take me a few hours to write a report, what with remembering everything, vetting images and making it interesting. Anything I can do to improve this will benefit everyone. 

Got a suggestion? Let me know in the comments!

Slightly New Layout And Army Listing

Quick update; we have a new layout for the home page and all game system home pages. The changes are slight and just reorganise existing elements on the site to try and tidy things up and remove the “About” style text away from the game system pages and onto the About page.

The new Army Lists let you easily find all Battle Reports for a specific army via one link without needing to use the search feature.

Firestorm Armada & Dropzone Commander

This is just a quick update. After 6 days off on holiday I have returned and added two new games.

We now have Firestorm Armada and Dropzone Commander. These two games are up and ready to go. I do not have the scenario names for Firestorm Armada, if anyone has these please let me know.

Finally, I do not play either of these games and they have been added due to demand. If you spot mistakes or have suggestions then please do let me know.

Brief Update

Just a quick update for everyone, I haven’t disappeared! Work has taken over at the moment and I have three web sites to complete and make live as well as a holiday booked for five days. One site is complete, one is 90% complete and the other is about 50% complete. So I’m nearing the end of my mad working period. 

In short I’ve been busy. But within a week or so I should be able to start pushing new updates to the site including;

  • Comments per turn
  • Completed gallery mode
  • A new main home page 
  • New home pages for each game system
  • A How To screen cast video
  • Other user interface improvements 

Thanks for your patience and continued support!

Image improvements with the Amazon Cloud

We were having some major issues with image resizing. This was entirely my own fault as in my last game I used my digital SLR camera which produces images that are around 7MB. So I increased the upload limit from 5MB to 8MB.

What I did not account for was the memory issues this would cause when you tried to resized 12 images of 7MB each. It was crashing the server and having an impact on the overall site.

I contacted my hosting provider and asked if there was anything they could do. But there wasn’t really and they suggested using Amazon’s EC2 virtual servers to do the heavy lifting of image resizing.

So I gave this a go and it’s worked. Images are now stored on the main server but requires to resize them to the varying sizes are now handled elsewhere on EC2.

The benefits of this are two fold. The first is that the main web server is now free to serve the HTML of the site as quickly as possible without being bogged down by image resizing. The second is that because another server is handling the request elsewhere when you upload images you get the page back much quicker. The other server then resizes the images independently and loads then as they finish. You can then continue editing your report instead of always waiting on the image upload.

Rating Ideas

Ratings seem like the next logical step. We’ve got Battle Reports now that work, people can read them, and are doing, but now we need something extra. Some sense of community.

But what sort of ratings system to implement. We have a couple of options.

Five star

The classic movie rating system, one to five stars with the average being shown to users.

A breakdown can also be used to show how the ratings are spread.


A thumbs up or down just like Reddit and Stackoverflow is quick and simple. Although it lacks the granularity that the five star system has.


Just as Facebook and have a single like button. It’s simple and fast, it also stops reports being voted down and demoralising the author!

What are your thoughts? Which system would you like to see and use?

Introducing Achievements


Welcome to Achievements, or ‘Badges’ as they are currently called. Final name still to be decided. Names aside, the main point here is that they exist and the mechanics in the background exist to support them. Plus email notifications when you get them and a little notifications tab to show you what you have received so far.

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Malifaux Schemes

Malifaux Schemes
Malifaux Schemes

I’ve managed to add in Mailfaux’s Schemes to the site. These are currently only for display purposes rather than for search purposes.

I need to make A Line in the Sand selected by default as I believe this Scheme is always available. I need to tidy up the interface for selecting them a little as its a bit cumbersome at the moment, but it works!

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Warmachine and Hordes Merged

So it turns out that Warmachine and Hordes are kind of the same game? I don’t play the games so I don’t know.

But I’d been told they share the same missions and the armies so each can play against the other. This essentially makes them the same game.

So I’ve merged them together on this site rather than needlessly splitting them into two.

Does this make sense to those of you who play Warmachine and Hordes?