New View Style – Presentation

And so we have another new view style up and running which is live for all users right now!

Welcome to the Presentsrion View Mode. A 3D-ish style that uses multiple slides, vertical and horizontal navigation. 

It works best on large devices so perhaps don’t use your mobile. Head here to see a really nice looking report using this new format from @Oakenhawk

Alternatively head to The Battle Directory as normal and select Presentstion Mode from any existing report. If you’ve already published reports on The Battle Directory then this mode will be automatically made available to your readers. 

Feedback and suggestions welcome as always!


It’s here! A brand new, massive, feature that we’re calling Co-Authors

You can now write a battle report together with your opponent by inviting them to be a Co-Author. You can do this using their email address or username. Just add their email or username as well as the team they’ll be writing for. This feature is available right now for all users. 

If they’re not registered they’ll be sent an email and invited to register, once registered the report you created will be automatically assigned to them. 

If they’re are registered then they’ll be emailed about the invite to be a Co-Author and the battle report will be added to their My Battle Reports page. 

Once into the editing process the Co-Author can edit text and images for all their own turns, based on the team you selected for them and their deployment info too. Likewise as the report creator you can do the same for all your turns and deployment, but not theirs. You can of course, as the report creator, amend the summary, background info, featured image, etc as normal. 

There are specific settings required to give the best Co-Authoring experience; such as a Per Turn Per Team layout and a Per Team Deployment. If these settings are not in place then a handy Optimise for Co-Authoring button appears which will fix any issues for you!

Here’s an example of how all this should work;

Dave plays Bill at Warhammer 40K. Dave played Space Marines and Bill played Orks. 

Once Dave has completed his initial setup for the report he decided to invite Bill. He enters Bill’s email address and assigns him to the Ork team. 

Bill receives an invite email and registers on The Battle Directory. Once Bill does this then Dave’s battle report is automatically assigned to Bill. 

Dave continues to write the background, final summary, BFU and Man of the Match as well as his own turns. The Ork turns however are now unavailable to Dave. 

Meanwhile Bill starts to write his turns, he can only amend the Ork turns and cannot edit the Space Marine turns. 

Once Dave is happy that everything is complete he publishes the report. If Bill isn’t doing a good job or is simply not writing then Dave can remove Bill as a Co-Author and then write the report as normal. 

Comic Book Style

We have been busy working on a new format …. Comic Book style. 

The layout is auto generated along with the ‘old’ effects on the images. We’ve still to add the background text, final summary, man of the match and BFU. But it’s getting there. Set to arrive shortly for all current reports and new reports. 

Got a thought or an idea? Share it with me in the comments please!