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In short its a way of getting paid by the people that love the site, supporters will get rewards and each monthly pledge will help us get to one of several monthly goals.

These goals are mainly focused on releasing new features but suggestions for rewards and goals are very welcome!

Anyway, the page on Patreon says it all!

Brief Update

Just a quick update for everyone, I haven’t disappeared! Work has taken over at the moment and I have three web sites to complete and make live as well as a holiday booked for five days. One site is complete, one is 90% complete and the other is about 50% complete. So I’m nearing the end of my mad working period. 

In short I’ve been busy. But within a week or so I should be able to start pushing new updates to the site including;

  • Comments per turn
  • Completed gallery mode
  • A new main home page 
  • New home pages for each game system
  • A How To screen cast video
  • Other user interface improvements 

Thanks for your patience and continued support!

Code & Infrastructure

Server Shizzle
Server Shizzle

I have in the past been asked what The Battle Directory is built using. Its built using PHP, specifically the Symfony2 Framework. It runs on a VPS in Dublin and seems to be doing OK so far on that server.

I have plans to more all assets into Amazon Cloudfront to ensure resources such as image, Javascript and CSS are loaded much faster. Although this is not a pressing matter at the moment. Features and reliability are currently top of my to-do list.

If you want to know more, ask away!

New Name

It’s been a while since my last post and a while since I have managed to do any development. But I’m starting to get back into it now and the first order of service is a new name.

We’ve moved away from the Latin name and into something less poetic but more fitting; The Battle Directory which uses a new domain name of .directory along with a whole host of sub domains.

The main site for registering, editing reports, editing your profile, etc will sit on, this is essentially the report and account management side of the site. The actual domain of this site doesn’t matter, it just needs to be in one place.

Each game system now sits within its own sub domain, for example all Warhammer 40K games will be on This leaves you with no illusion as to where you in the site and what you’re looking at. If you’re into Warmachine only then you’ll stick to the Warmachine domain and never be bothered by 30K or X-Wing. Switching between game systems is easy and is done via a set of links at the top of the site. All game system reports will be edited from the main domain so no need to start messing about with links to edit reports from different game systems.

I really like this approach and owe Jeff from Twitter a massive thank you for devising this new approach. You know who you are!

I really need to buckle down to knock out some final bugs and start on the very important view modes.