New View Style – Presentation

And so we have another new view style up and running which is live for all users right now!

Welcome to the Presentsrion View Mode. A 3D-ish style that uses multiple slides, vertical and horizontal navigation. 

It works best on large devices so perhaps don’t use your mobile. Head here to see a really nice looking report using this new format from @Oakenhawk

Alternatively head to The Battle Directory as normal and select Presentstion Mode from any existing report. If you’ve already published reports on The Battle Directory then this mode will be automatically made available to your readers. 

Feedback and suggestions welcome as always!

New Feature – Text Replacements

This feature is live and ready to use for all users.

Text Replacements aim to speed up report writing by allowing abbreviations to be auto expanded into full phrases when a report is read.

This helps reduce the time it takes to write reports by;

  1. Allowing you to write perhaps two or three characters for a phrase or unit instead of the full name which may be 20 or 30 characters.
  2. It reduces the time spent checking spelling and looking up unit names. If you’ve set up an abbreviation then you can use that and know the spelling is correct.

The abbreviations are only converted when a report is read, this preserves the report’s original text. The actual content of a report is never changed so if you turn Text Replacements off then the original text is displayed rather than the converted text. This keeps things clean for you as an author because your actual content is never converted – it’s only ever changed when it’s displayed for a user. 

This new feature currently works on the following text areas;

  • Background
  • Deployment
  • Turn Text
  • Man of the Match
  • BFU
  • Final Summary
  • Image Captions


There are three types of library for Text Replacements;

  1. User
  2. Game Specific 
  3. Core

The User library is yours. You set up these abbreviations and you can use them as you please. No one else can. The Game Specific ones are set up by Battle Directory admins and are available for reports for that specific game. E.g. Malifaux abbreviations won’t take effect in 40K reports. And finally Core replacements are site wide and can be used regardless of the game. 


Each of the libraries can be turned off or on per report. So if you don’t like (or cannot work with) the Core or Game Specific abbreviations you can simply turn them off and only use your own (or none). Or perhaps your replacements are tailored towards Warmachine but once in a while you also play X-Wing, your Warmachine replacements wouldn’t work (very well) in an X-Wing report – you can simply turn off your replacements so you don’t end up with Warmachine terminology in your X-Wing report. 


We even support pluralisation so you can use one replacement for singular and pluralised phrases. This is best shown with an example. Imagine you have the following replacements set up;

  • HF > Heavy Flamer
  • LR > Land Raider
  • Tac > Tactical Marine
  • Vet > Veteran

And then wrote the following as part of Turn 1, you can use *s after a replacement to pluralise it; 

My LR with HF*s moved quickly up the left flank, accompanied by my Tac*s. They were going to burn my opponents Vet*s.

This would be expanded to the following when the report was read;

My Land Raider with Heavy Flamers moved quickly up the left flank, accompanied by my Tactical Marines. They were going to burn my opponents Veterans.

And that’s it! Simple!

Text Replacements

The next minor feature will be text replacements.

This would allow users to write reports with abbreviations such as BA, HF, SM, etc. These would then get expanded to Blood Angels, Heavy Flamer and Space Marine when anyone reads the battle report.

There would be a core library of terms for things like DZ – Deployment Zone. Then each game would have its own library. And finally a user can create their own replacements too.

Each one of these; core, per game and user replacements can be toggled for each report. So if the core replacements are causing you issues on a certain report then you can turn them off.

Thoughts and suggestions always welcome.


We’re on Patreon!

Patreon allows content creators to be supported by their fans so they can continue to create content, achieve goals and grow their content creations.

In short its a way of getting paid by the people that love the site, supporters will get rewards and each monthly pledge will help us get to one of several monthly goals.

These goals are mainly focused on releasing new features but suggestions for rewards and goals are very welcome!

Anyway, the page on Patreon says it all!


Hello. As The Battle Directory’s audience grows its increasingly important that we cater for a larger and international user base.

So the translation process has begun, if you’re interested in helping out please get in touch.

At present we have started German and Italian but the more helpers and the more languages the better. So if you can help in anyway with any language please do get in touch.