Improved Image Performance

Have you ever noticed how slow the images can be to load on The Battle Directory? If so, you won’t notice no more!

In the past images were generated as they were needed. If you were the unlucky person to visit a report for the first time then you would have to of waited for all the images to be generated and resized based on the author’s original images. This is a pain. Its made worse when new view modes come along, such as the Comic Book style, because these use new image filters and sizes and so images need to be generated again!

From now on each image will be resized into all sizes automatically after its uploaded. This will happen in the background so that the battle report writing experience isn’t slowed at all. The process is off loaded and you’re free to continue updating the report. Meanwhile the server is busy generate 20 versions of each image for you!

Now when your report is published and the various view modes are used by viewers the first timers will not get a slow experience as the images are generated. They will already have been generated and ready to go.

I have also back dated this process, so that all old images are also generated too, ready for the new view modes. Enjoy!