Rating Ideas

Ratings seem like the next logical step. We’ve got Battle Reports now that work, people can read them, and are doing, but now we need something extra. Some sense of community.

But what sort of ratings system to implement. We have a couple of options.

Five star

The classic movie rating system, one to five stars with the average being shown to users.

A breakdown can also be used to show how the ratings are spread.


A thumbs up or down just like Reddit and Stackoverflow is quick and simple. Although it lacks the granularity that the five star system has.


Just as Facebook and have a single like button. It’s simple and fast, it also stops reports being voted down and demoralising the author!

What are your thoughts? Which system would you like to see and use?

  • http://www.ongoingworlds.com/ David Ball

    On OngoingWorlds I created a 5-star rating system so people could rate each other’s stories. What I’ve found though is people either give full 5-stars, or nothing at all. So, maybe the granularity might not even be useful, perhaps people just want to show appreciation.

    • cadianshock

      I think you’re right, its more amount ‘yeah, I liked that one’, rather than ‘this one is 2 stars because based on all the other reports its not that great’.

      • http://iToysoldiers.com/ Rob @ iToysoldiers

        I found the same thing as David Ball. I opted (in all but one instance) to offer up only “Like”. My thoughts on it are this: people are putting themselves out there with their writing, their pictures, their stories and I don’t really want folks to be kicked when they do that with a “Dislike”.

        I did, however, leave the ability to vote down on army list evaluations ’cause that’s different. I say go with Like.

        • cadianshock

          Thats a really excellent point @iToysoldiers:disqus – I shall do just that!