A Quick Update to Battle Reports

40K Home screen - The Battle Directory
40K Home screen – The Battle Directory

Its been a while since I have managed to code any new updates since the name change. But now we have some changes in bound today.

  • Full mode view – you can view published reports in the full text mode! This mode displays everything and also has a ‘focus’ mode.
  • Previews – you can preview your own reports from the My Battle Reports page in Full mode.
  • Plain text army lists – if you write your own lists as .txt files then these are now supported along with Army Builder and Battle Scribe HTML formats.
  • Avatar image – these will act as your profile image.
  • Set preferred game system –  set your favourite game system in your profile and you will see tailored content for that game system.
  • Cover image – not used yet but will be used as a Facebook style large image on your profile.
  • Deployment image – deployment can now contain an image show casing the set up of the battle field.
  • Moved Man of the Match  and BFU editing buttons – these were always on the right side, these have now moved next to the MotM and BFU sections to they’re clearer and easier to access.
  • Renamed turns – For the Per Team, Per Turn layout the turns are now labelled based on the armies for each team. This is clearer who has the top of turn 6 for example later on in the report.
  • About page – some stuff about The Battle Directory.
  • Contact page – a new method of getting in touch, the feedback tab in the bottom left is also still present when logged in from any page.

I am missing the army lists still from the Full view mode still. Enjoy!